Applicants are required to upload a transcript (may be unofficial at this time) including the key from all attended colleges or universities.The transcript must show the name of the student, name of the issuing institution, name of courses taken, and the grades received in those courses. Applicants with transcripts in languages other than English will need to upload an official English translation along with such transcripts. If you only have a sealed copy of the transcript, you may open it, scan it, and upload it to the application. Transcripts should be scanned in black and white at a maximum resolution of 300dpi and no larger than 10MB. Screenshots from student portals will not be accepted as an unofficial transcript.

If you have trouble uploading a digital transcript with a certified digital signature (Certified by Certified Document Services, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.), print the digital transcript, scan the print-out and upload that scan to your application. If upon printing, a watermark indicating the document is “invalid once printed” appears, we will still accept it for your application. If this is not possible, send the original digital transcript with the certified digital signature to and we will attach the document to your application within a few business days. Please be aware that this cannot be done until after you have submitted your application.

There is no need to have your university send transcripts to Graduate Admission directly for the purposes of the application.

At the time of application, nothing needs to be mailed to the admission office. If offered admission and our offer is accepted, we require final official transcripts from every college or university from which the applicant had earned a degree.