Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation

Princeton offers resources and accommodations to support enrolled graduate degree candidates who become parents or a primary caregiver during their graduate program.

Through the Childbirth and Adoption Accommodation Policy, enrolled graduate degree candidates in good academic standing who become parents or assume the role of a primary caregiving parent for a newborn infant or newly adopted pre-school child, are eligible for a period of accommodation during which teaching and academic obligations are suspended. 


The policy provides three separate accommodations. You may be eligible for one or more: 

  1. A 14-week suspension of academic work;
  2. An additional term of enrollment; and 
  3. An additional term of financial support. 

The 14-week accommodation, which for enrollment purposes can be granted only in one, continuous 14-week block, may begin at any point that primary caregiving begins but must be concluded no later than one year after the birth of the child or, in cases of adoption, one year after the child is placed in the home. To meet the definition of a primary caregiving parent, you must in good faith declare that for a period of 14 weeks you are spending at least 30 hours on care for your new child during each work week, defined as a period of Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. each of those days. 

Plan Time Off

If you anticipate requesting the accommodation, meet with your adviser and director of graduate studies as soon as possible. If you are requesting the 14-week accommodation, you must submit the request e-form through Tigerhub on the Resources and Opportunities tile, no less than three months before the expected due date or placement date (for adoption).

Learn More

More information can be found in the policy section of our website. Students who have questions about this accommodation are encouraged to be in touch with Elaine Willey.