To participate in the Hooding and Recognition Ceremony and Commencement, you must be in full regalia. Harden and Associates, the vendor which supplies Princeton University regalia closed their ordering on April 28, 2024.

Faculty-Quality Regalia (order by March 15)

Faculty-quality regalia is custom-made and manufactured specifically for you. Designed for long-term usage, it may last your entire academic or teaching career with proper care, and adheres strictly to Intercollegiate Code requirements. 

  • Cost: Approximately $1136 plus shipping and sales tax where applicable
  • Options: Ph.D. candidates may order either the orange and black gown, officially adopted by the University, or the black gown with black velvet panels. Princeton’s official Ph.D. hood lining is orange with a black chevron 


Standard Regalia (order by April 28)

Standard regalia is manufactured for one-time use and can be kept as a memento. In order to receive a standard hood, a complete set of regalia must be ordered. Ordering is now closed.