Hooding and Recognition Ceremony Faculty Information

The Hooding and Recognition Ceremony is a celebration of our graduates and the work they have done to receive an advanced degree. We hope that you will join us to celebrate their accomplishments. 


Please arrive between 3:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. 

We ask you to arrive in your regalia and find your student(s) before assembling. Please sit with your candidates. If you are hooding multiple candidates, we ask that you all remain and sit together during the ceremony.

Hooding Procedures

While many Ph.D. students prefer to be hooded by their adviser, all faculty members are eligible to participate. Often if an adviser cannot participate, a member of the graduate student’s committee is asked to stand in. Alternatively, the chief marshal will do so. While both advisers can attend the Hooding and Recognition Ceremony, students are only permitted to have one faculty member hood them. 

When it is time to hood the Ph.D. candidates, you and your student will walk together up to the stage. You will ascend first, walk across the platform, stop next to the chief marshal, and face the audience. Once your student’s name has been called, they will stand on an X in front of you. You will place the hood over their head from behind and straighten the tail of the hood. If you are hooding multiple students, you will process in front of your first student and remain next to the chief marshal until you have hooded the last candidate.  

Find step-by-step instructions in our How to Hood a Doctoral Candidate Guide.


We expect you to wear academic regalia from the institution from which you received your advanced degree. If you do not have regalia, you may secure it from our vendor, Harden and Associates: 

You may also contact Harden & Associates by email, or by calling 800-228-7935.