University Administrative Fellows

Now in its sixth year, the University Administrative Fellows (UAF) program provides post-generals enrolled graduate students (including DCE students) an opportunity to work in an administrative capacity for approximately six hours per week during the fall semester.

University Administrative Fellows gain a better understanding of the administrative units that make up a university, information valuable for those preparing for the tenure-track job market, for those preparing for careers in academic administration, and for those looking for experience that will position them for careers beyond the academy.

The fellowship consists of working on a project under the direction of the host department, attending meetings when appropriate, and discussing with the host the various aspects of the host’s position, including specific responsibilities, organizational dynamics, external networks, etc. University Administrative Fellows receive a $1,000 stipend in addition to their normal support. Before accepting the fellowship, selected students must receive permission from their dissertation adviser(s) and must be in good academic standing. The application and selection process occurs during the spring and summer. Fellowships are for the fall semester. 

Fall 2019 UAF Position Descriptions will be added throughout the spring semester. Questions? Please contact James M. Van Wyck

Need assistance and advice as you prepare your application? Set up a meeting with Susanne Killian, the senior associate director of graduate student career development.

Current UAF Positions: Read More and Apply