Tuition Sharing Program for Fellowship Awards

Responsible Office
Graduate School - Finance and Administration
Scott McGoldrick, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Scott McGoldrick
  1. Policy Statement

    This policy describes the Graduate School’s program for providing tuition grants for certain external fellowships and training grants.

  2. Who is Affected by this Policy

    This policy applies to regularly enrolled Ph.D. students who receive external fellowships that are eligible for tuition sharing.

  3. Definitions

    Regular Enrollment
    A student within the defined program length who is in residence and is pursuing degree-related work, completing requirements, and making sufficient academic and/or research progress as specified by the department or program and the Graduate School. 

    External Fellowships
    External fellowships are awarded by non-university entities for which the sponsor selects the student from a national or international competition. These fellowships typically consist of a tuition component and/or a stipend component. The funds may be paid directly to the student or to the University to be administered on behalf of the student. External fellowship awards vary considerably in terms of amount, duration and restrictions.

  4. Policy

    For designated external fellowships that do not provide the student with full tuition support in a given term or year, the Graduate School provides a tuition grant for the balance due of the tuition.  (This program is also referred to as “tuition matching”.)

    Designated external fellowships include certain federally funded nationally competitive fellowships such as the NSF, NDSEG and HHMI fellowships, training grants, and certain fellowships in support of diversity efforts.  The fellowships must be exclusively for the benefit of the graduate student or have a strong teaching component. 

  5. Procedures (if applicable)

    To determine if the federally funded external fellowship is eligible for tuition sharing from the Graduate School, please contact Finance and Administration, the Graduate School. 

  6. Related Documents/Pages/Forms (if applicable)


  7. Roles and Responsibilities

    Dean of the Graduate School
    Oversees Graduate School policies and associated procedures.

    Finance and Administration
    Administers the policy.

    Submits a request for a tuition grant for eligible fellowships and training grants.