Tuition Billing and Refund Policy for Degree Seeking Students

Responsible Office
Graduate School - Finance and Administration
Scott McGoldrick, Senior Associate Dean for Finance and Administration
Scott McGoldrick

I. Policy Statement

Tuition rates are approved annually by the Board of Trustees and charged to students on a per term basis, 50% in the fall and 50% in the spring.  This policy describes how tuition and Student Health Plan (SHP) charges and refunds are addressed in the event a student changes to an unenrolled status prior to the end of a term.

II. Who is Affected by this Policy

This policy applies to all enrolled degree seeking students.

III. Definitions

Tuition and Student Health Plan (SHP) Fees
The University charges a standard tuition rate for the academic year which is applicable to all graduate students in regular enrollment status. For students who are in absentia status or DCE status (including DCE in absentia), the University charges a marginal cost tuition rate. Both the regular tuition rate and the marginal cost tuition rate include the mandatory SHP fee and are charged on a per term basis.
Regular Enrollment
A student within the defined program length who is pursing degree-related work, completing requirements, and making sufficient academic and/or research progress as specified by the department or program and the Graduate School.
In Absentia
A registered full-time student within the defined program length who is pursuing degree-related work, but is not in residence for greater than half the term.
Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE)
A Ph.D. student who has exhausted the defined program length, but is making progress toward degree completion and retains an enrolled status.
DCE In absentia
A DCE student who is pursuing degree-related work, but is not in residence for greater than half the term.
Leave of Absence
The regular defined program length has been interrupted because the student is not pursing degree-related work.
Enrollment Terminated, Degree Candidacy Continues (ET/DCC)
A discontinued status that indicates that enrollment has ended but eligibility for qualifying for the degree continues. It is normally assigned to a Ph.D. student who has passed the general examination, but who has not completed the degree in the defined program length or while in DCE status.
A discontinued status for a student who has been penalized with temporary removal from University membership because of a disciplinary matter.
Permanently Discontinued Statuses
Statuses that indicate the degree was not awarded or was revoked and that eligibility to qualify for the degree was cancelled. Statuses within this category include voluntary withdrawal, termination, and expulsion.

IV. Policy

The Graduate School’s policy on billing and refunding tuition and SHP fees for students who experience changes in enrollment status to unenrolled statuses prior to the completion of a term is as follows:
  • A student whose enrollment is either terminated or put on hold prior to the end of a given term will incur tuition and SHP fee charges through the end of the month in which enrollment is terminated or put on hold. 
  • If a student has self-paid all or a portion of tuition and SHP fees for the term, a refund will be processed by the Office of Student Accounts for any tuition and SHP fees balance due to the student.
  • For a student who receives full or partial tuition support from University sources, the tuition and SHP charges after enrollment has ended will be reversed, along with the associated tuition support.   
  • If a student has received an external fellowship with tuition support from an external sponsor, any credit balance will be refunded as prescribed by the terms and conditions of the award.
  • If a student has received a federal student loan for tuition, any credit balance will be refunded by the Office of Student Accounts as prescribed by federal regulations.
  • Additional fees charged on a per term basis by the Office of the Registrar, student organizations, or other campus units will not be refunded to a student who withdraws after the beginning of a term.

V. Procedures (if applicable)


VI. Related Documents/Pages/Forms (if applicable)


VII. Roles and Responsibilities

Dean of the Graduate School
Oversees Graduate School policies and associated procedures.
Academic Affairs
Administers changes in student enrollment status.
Finance and Administration
Administers funding policies associated with student status.
Office of Student Accounts
Manages tuition and fees receivables and payables for graduate student accounts.  Administers refunds for student accounts in the event of a credit balance.