Termination of a Nondegree Student

Responsible Office
Graduate School - Academic Affairs
Rodney D. Priestley, Dean of the Graduate School
  1. Policy Statement

    The Graduate School’s policy on termination of a nondegree student states that a nondegree student may be terminated if that student fails to abide by the terms of the enrollment agreement, the Graduate School’s polices, or Princeton University’s policies and standards of conduct.

  2. Who is Affected by this Policy

    All nondegree students including visiting research collaborators (VSRCs), trailing students, visiting students, exchange students, qualifying students, and cross-registered students.

  3. Definitions

    Visiting Student Research Collaborator (VSRC)
    An advanced degree candidate from another institution who applies to Princeton as a short-term, nondegree student to work with a specific faculty member on a research project that grew out of collaboration or mutual research interests. A VSRC may stay for as little as one month or as long as (but not longer than) 12 months, cumulatively. All VSRC appointments must be approved by the sponsoring department and the Graduate School.

    An advanced degree candidate from another institution who accompanies the adviser, a newly hired faculty member at Princeton, to complete degree-related research. The degree awarded will be from the student's home institution, not Princeton. The duration of the status is normally 12 months, renewable for up to three academic years.

    An advanced degree candidate from another institution who comes to Princeton for one or two semesters. The student has a particular need that can be met at Princeton: consultation with a faculty member, enrollment in a specific course, use of a library or laboratory facilities, etc.

    An advanced degree candidate from another institution who comes to Princeton through one of the Graduate School's established exchange programs.

    A student admitted for one year on a probationary and preparatory basis, and not as a degree-seeking student. The grounds for admission are either that the student's undergraduate program of study does not qualify the candidate for full admission in the field of choice, or the student's formal education was interrupted for a significant period of time.

    A graduate student from another local institution who comes to Princeton through one of our established cross-registration agreements.

  4. Policy

    It is Princeton University's expectation that while they are associated with the Gradaute School all nondegree (VSRC, trailing, visiting, exchange, qualifying, or cross-registered) graduate students uphold the intellectual, ethical, and professional standards of the University. By accepting enrollment, nondegree graduate students agree to abide by the policies, standards, and code of conduct set forth by the Graduate School's website; the University's publication Rights, Rules, Responsibilities; and the website and/or publications of the department or program in which they will work. Nondegree students' enrollment is subject to the terms of the enrollment agreement and to the ability of the University to administer that enrollment. The decision to terminate a nondegree student's enrollment is made by the deputy dean. Where there is a specific hosting department or program, the decision to terminate enrollment is made by the deputy dean and the hosting department or program in which the student is working. An appeal of the terminated enrollment of a nondegree student, if any, is heard by the dean of the Graduate School, whose decision in such matters is final. The decision to terminate enrollment and the reasons for that decision may be reported back to a nondegree student's home institution

  5. Procedures (if applicable)


  6. Related Documents/Pages/Forms (if applicable)


  7. Roles and Responsibilities

    Dean of the Graduate School
    Oversees Graduate School policies and associated procedures.

    Deputy Dean
    Reviews and approves requests to terminate nondegree status.

    Graduate Department
    Informs nondegree students of expectations and responsibilities associated with enrollment as a nondegree student at Princeton.

    Nondegree Student
    Adheres to University code of conduct explained in Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, Graduate School policies, and terms of enrollment agreement.