Accepting an Offer of Admission

Responsible Office
Graduate School - Admission
Rodney D. Priestley, Dean of the Graduate School
  1. Policy Statement

    This policy describes the Graduate School’s policy for accepting an offer of admission.

  2. Who is Affected by this Policy

    This policy applies to Graduate School applicants who have received an offer of admission from the Graduate School.

  3. Definitions

    Revoke, cancel, or repeal.

    In education, a transcript is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned of a student alleged throughout a course.

    Final Official Transcript
    Transcript received directly from the issuing institution which is properly signed and authenticated and includes the degree and date it was conferred.

  4. Policy

    Graduate Admission must receive the submitted acceptance by 11:59 p.m. (EST) April 15 or the offer of admission may be rescinded. Princeton is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools and subscribes to its agreement regarding this reply date. An applicant may only accept one offer of admission.  An applicant may decline an offer of admission and financial aid from one institution and accept an offer from another in writing on or before April 15.  An acceptance given or left in force after April 15 commits the student to not accept another offer without first obtaining a written release from the institution to which a prior commitment has been made.

    A final official paper or certified electronic transcript from each institution from which a degree was conferred must be received by Graduate Admission by September 1 or the applicant will not be eligible to register for classes. The transcript must arrive in a sealed envelope bearing the institution’s stamp or seal and contain the following information:

    • Degree earned and date the degree was conferred (in certain cases we will accept, in addition, the hard copy of the award of diploma)
    • Official stamp, seal, and/or embossed marking from the school
    • Official translation to English if applicable

  5. Procedures (if applicable)

    To accept an offer of admission the applicant must submit the acceptance online at the Graduate Admission Center using the NetID and password.

    To request a release from Princeton the applicant must send an email to Graduate Admission and include a reason for this request.

    Final transcripts must be received by Graduate Admission by September 1. Final paper transcripts must be in a sealed envelope bearing the institution’s stamp or seal. Mail or deliver to:

    Princeton University
    Graduate Admission

    ATTN: Final Transcript
    One Clio Hall
    Princeton, NJ 08544

    Certified electronic transcripts should be sent to:

    [email protected]

  6. Related Documents/Pages/Forms (if applicable)
  7. See above.

  8. Roles and Responsibilities

    Dean of the Graduate School
    Oversees Graduate School policies and associated procedures.

    Director of Graduate Admission
    Approves admission materials.

    Submits a timely acceptance online.