#TellUsTigers 2019

Thomas Pisano photo

By Jamie Saxon, Office of Communications; Photo David Kelly Crow

“In my first year of college, I went off a ski jump to do a backflip. … I was 19. I was told there was no real hope of regaining use of my legs. … [F]rom my hospital bed, I gave myself a crash course in neuroscience.”

“When I was 16, my childhood friend committed suicide.”

“I learned that love and support sometimes come from unexpected quarters.”

“My mother worked two jobs as a janitor and a cafeteria lady.”

Princeton’s #TellUsTigers Instagram series, now in its fourth year, is founded on one principle: Everyone has a story to tell — they just need an invitation. But sharing your personal story publicly requires courage and a commitment to the power of community.

These first-person stories illuminate diverse aspects of the Princeton experience. They are infused with quiet inspiration, unexpected outcomes and moments of pure joy.

Via this link, we invite you into that community — get ready to hit the ❤️ icon — with recent posts from Princeton undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni. Click on each photo to view comments. Follow us on Instagram. The series is also shared on Twitter and Facebook. Members of the University community may submit suggestions for future #TellUsTigers posts via email at pusocialmedia@princeton.edu.