Required Covid-19 Training for Graduate Students

Dear Graduate Students,

As we approach the start of a new semester and as information about Covid-19 evolves, it is imperative that all students be aware of the important public health regulations for our campus that are in place to help protect you and all members of our community.

A brief but important training that reviews public health information and measures for our population has been developed and all graduate students will be required to complete this training in order to be enrolled for the fall semester. Please note that this training is required even if you have already taken another Covid-19 training as part of an approved return to research or office operations plan or if you will not be on campus for the fall term because you are approved to study remotely.

The training is available here. Please make sure to select Fall 2020 Covid-19 Training for Undergraduate and Graduate Students, as there are three different courses for different groups. The training should take about 20 minutes to complete and must be completed by Friday August 28, 2020. Thank you.


Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
Princeton University
Clio Hall, Princeton, NJ 08544