New Graduate College Common Room Upgrades

by Olivia Martel, Community Programs Coordinator, Office of the Dean of the Graduate School

Inspired by requests to make the space even more flexible for student groups to use, the New Grad College common room underwent a series of upgrades this past summer. A number of Graduate College residents and student groups – such as Butler Yoga, the Brazilian dance group, and the English Language Conversation group – make use of the space on a regular basis.

Two new sliding doors were installed at the entrance to each kitchen as well as an automatic exhaust fan over each stove. The new configuration allows residents more comfortably to use the kitchens and the common room simultaneously. A pane of glass also was installed to seal one previous entrance to the common room. This new addition allows people to see what is going on in the room, without having to enter the space when it is being used. Finally, more tables and chairs that are designed to be easily movable were added to the space to allow for more options in configuration for those using the space.

If you are a student or student group looking for a space to meet, please contact Lynne McClister at 609-258-3443 or to see if the New GC common room might be appropriate and available for your gathering.