The Graduate School builds community through meals in Procter Hall

Procter Hall

One of the distinct features of the Princeton graduate experience is our commitment to a residential community of scholars.  By offering housing accommodations for approximately 70 percent of enrolled eligible graduate students, we seek to foster a sense of community amongst graduate students that allows for connections across disciplines and outside of the classroom or lab. The Graduate College was created as an embodiment of this goal. It provides a wonderful space for graduate students from every background, discipline and culture to come together. Procter Hall, the magnificent dining hall at the Graduate College, serves as a place for graduate students to meet one another and develop relationships that will span their time at Princeton.

The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School holds that the Graduate College could become more of a hub and gathering spot for graduate students if those who did not live there had more occasions to visit the facility. Under this new initiative, all regularly enrolled graduate students not currently living in the Graduate College or otherwise on a meal plan will receive six free meals per semester to dine in Procter Hall. This program aims to bring more graduate students to the Graduate College and Procter Hall and allow for more interaction and better use of this gathering space for graduate students.

Associate Dean for Student Life Lisa Schreyer describes, “We are very excited about this terrific opportunity to build upon the vibrant sense of community amongst graduate students living at the Graduate College and to allow more graduate students to benefit from one of the features that makes the graduate experience at Princeton truly unique.” Dean Schreyer continues, “With the approval of this trial program, we have developed a schedule of activities for the fall semester to make full use of this opportunity. We will be offering weekly programming around these meals that include professional development seminars, Career Services programs, social programs, continuing orientation events and other community-building programs, as opportunities for graduate students to take advantage of this program.”

This initiative will kick off with a series of engaging events at the Graduate College. We encourage interested students to visit the Graduate College or join in the camaraderie of dining in Procter Hall.