Funding for 2016-17 Department-Specific Academic and Professional Development Programs

In an effort to support the professional and academic development of our graduate students, the Graduate School offers two types of funding for student-led programming: scholarly interdisciplinary symposia, seminars, and workshops; and professional development initiatives.  There are two calls for proposals each year, June for programming for the fall term (between August and January) and spring term (between February and July).  The spring application cycle for events taking place between February and July is now open in SAFE.

Scholarly Interdisciplinary Symposia, Seminars, and Workshops

 The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School periodically solicits proposals from graduate students for funding to support scholarly symposia, seminar series and workshops to encourage events that enrich the intellectual lives of graduate students by complementing the normal offerings of departments and programs. These proceedings might involve graduate students as speakers, moderators, and/or organizers. 

Successful proposals in the past have included, for example, works-in-progress colloquia, symposia that expose the work of graduate students to professionals outside the University, and workshops that bring faculty and students from other campuses to interact closely with Princeton students on a focused topic. A strong preference will be given to interdisciplinary programs that provide students the opportunity to engage with others outside their discipline.

Professional Development Initiatives

To assist graduate students in receiving more discipline-specific professional development, the Graduate School is soliciting proposals from graduate students seeking support for professional development activities including conferences, lectures, and workshops during the spring semester.  The intent of this fund is to encourage students to pursue professional development experiences that will enrich the student experience and prepare them for careers after graduate study.  Our focus is to fund programming and events that are initiated by graduate students and fill a professional development need not currently met through the department, the Graduate School, or other campus resources. 

Funding Availability

Funds available are extremely limited relative to the demand, so full support is rarely possible. The maximum amount granted is typically $2,000. Events that we have funded before that have continued to run successfully for a couple of years should transition to departmental or program sponsorship.  If the event or a version of the event has received funding from the Graduate School in the past, please indicate this information in the proposal.

Application Process

Submissions must be made online via the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) and require the following:

1.   A description of the activity/event and speakers.
2.   An explanation of the role of graduate students in the proposed activity
3.   A general idea of the program’s budget. The amount of funding requested of the Graduate School – maximum amount granted is typically $2,000.  Indicate in the proposal if the event or a version of the event has received funding from the Graduate School in the past.
4.   An indication of other sources of support, both those received and pending
5.   DGS or sponsoring faculty member endorsement of the event, as well as the financial support that will be provided.

Groups of students interested in applying for these funds will need to work with their graduate program administrator to secure a group NetID in order to complete the application process through SAFE. The graduate administrator will need to send an email to to request a NetID for the group.  At that time, the graduate administrator will also need to provide a department chart string to receive any funds awarded for the project. The administrative sponsor will be prompted to submit a web form indicating the desired name for the OIT NetID, the expiration for the account (please request a minimum of 3 months), and the account display name. 

Proposals for events occurring from February through July 2017 must be submitted in SAFE no later than Friday, December 30, 2016, to be considered. Only complete proposals submitted by the deadline date will be considered. Every effort will be made to respond to applicants by mid-January.