Annual fellowships dinner honors 27 graduate students

Dean Crittenden with the Jacobus Fellowship recipients

Cole Crittenden, deputy dean of the Graduate School and acting dean, hosted a reception and dinner at Prospect House on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, to celebrate the 27 Ph.D. students selected this past spring as recipients of the 2017-18 honorofic fellowships.  These named and endowed fellowships support advanced Ph.D. students whose research shows exceptional promise. Each spring the dean of the Graduate School and the academic affairs deans, in consultation with the Fellowship Subcommittee of the Faculty Committee on the Graduate School, select recipients of the honorific fellowships from nominations made by the academic departments and programs. 

Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship

Chantal Berman, Politics
Cole Bunzel, Near Eastern Studies
Matthew Edwards, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Georgios Moschidis, Mathematics

Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Fellowship

Emad Atiq, Philosophy
Julia Fonseca Duarte, Economics
Elspeth Green, English 
Emily Kern, History of Science
Brahm Kleinman, Classics
Changchang Liu, Electrical Engineering
Jonathan Martin, German
Lukas Muechler, Chemistry
Mallika Randeria, Physics
Lindsey Richter, French and Italian
Sophie Spirkl, Applied and Computational Mathematics
Taylor Webb, Psychology

Wallace Memorial Fellowship in Engineering

Michael Siedlik, Chemical and Biological Engineering
Shuran Song, Computer Science

Harold W. Dodds Fellowship

Steven Englehardt, Computer Science 
Benjamin Fogarty, Anthropology
Pierre Jean Beltran, Molecular Biology
Sebastien Philippe, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Martin Sybblis, Sociology 
Charlotte Werbe, French and Italian
Yuzhen Yan, Geosciences

Fellowship Dinner Reception