AI Position Postings now on website

Departments and programs may have AI positions that they are unable to fill with their own graduate students.  The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School now invites such department and programs to list those open and unfilled positions on the Graduate School’s website.  Interested graduate students may use the site to review open positions and find contact information for positions in which they are interested.  Only enrolled, degree-seeking graduate students (including those in DCE status) who are currently in residence may be eligible to serve as AIs.  Graduate students should speak with their home department adviser (the DGS and/or dissertation adviser) before pursuing an open AI position outside the home department.  Teaching assignments are dependent on course enrollments, candidate qualifications, and the availability of resources that must be approved by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty.  All first-time AIs are required to complete AI Orientation at the McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning during the term of their first AI assignment.