Crisis Resources


Many resources exist to assist members of the campus community to respond to crises. These crises involve physical and mental health, the safety of persons or property, violations of the law or of University policy, and graduate students in need of emergency funding. In the subpages of this section of the website you will find information and directions on who to contact with complaints involving sexual discrimination and sexual misconduct, racial or ethnic bias or harassment, and discrimination.

Please visit the following sources for more information about crisis services available through:

Graduate Advance (for graduate students lacking financial means to meet critical needs such as medical care or emergency travel)

Those seeking assistance with serious but noncritical personal matters involving graduate students, as well as those who are unsure of the appropriate resource (but are sure there is no serious and immediate threat to persons or property), should contact the Student Affairs team at 609-258-3028 from 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m. (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. summer hours).

Situations of any kind involving the possibility of imminent harm to a member of the University community, after-hours crises, and crises involving direct threats to persons or property should be reported without delay to the Department of Public Safety at 609-258-3134.

Resources for Graduate Students Traveling Abroad

International SOS is a 24-hour travel assistance program available to all full-time graduate students who travel abroad for academic reasons such as language study, dissertation research, internships, scholarly conferences and meetings. The program is provided through Princeton University and is administered by International SOS. This medical and security assistance program provides emergency response as well as online services and travel information.

The Graduate School encourages you to visit the Travel Toolkit site for information about registering your travel and helpful tips.