Graduate College Porter's Lodge

The Porter's Lodge is the main office of the Graduate College that handles packages and mail, recreational items, and other administrative processes. Lynne McClister, our Graduate College Office Coordinator, and weekend staff are here to assist and serve as a resource for all residents. Please stop by and visit us!

Moving into the Graduate College

How do I address my mail and packages?

All Grad College Residents mail should be addressed by the name and room number located on your housing contract:


88 College Road West
(Your room assignment)
Princeton, NJ 08544

Receiving Packages and Letter Mail

  • You may retrieve packages from our package locker banks near the Porter's Lodge at Old Graduate College Entry 15.
  • Letter mail is not placed in lockers. You may pick up letter mail from the Porter's Lodge staff during business hours. You will receive email notification for when letter mail arrives.
  • All packages are received, signed for, and most are placed into package lockers by the Porter's Lodge staff. If your package carrier sends you a notification that your package has been delivered, it may not be ready yet as our staff must first log your package into our system. When your package is ready for pickup at the package lockers, you will receive an email from the Porter's Lodge along with a PIN number that you will enter into a kiosk. Please note there are two package locker banks, A and B. Please be sure you are at the correct bank. Once this PIN is entered into the kiosk, your locker will automatically open and you can retrieve your package(s).
  • Carriers such as USPS and Amazon may send you a notification that your package has arrived at the Porter's Lodge, but this may be inaccurate. Please wait for an email from the Porter's Lodge instead as this is the most accurate indicator of whether your package has actually arrived.
  • Packages can only be held in the lockers for 24 hours unless you have made advance arrangements with Lynne McClister.
  • Oversized packages that cannot fit in any lockers will be held in the Porter's Lodge. You will need to pick up oversized packages during office hours and as quickly as you can.
  • We are not able to accept packages for you until you actually arrive on campus and move-in first. Please do not send packages until you are here and able to pick them up.


  • You will need a laundry card to do your laundry. Please pick up your laundry card at the Porter's Lodge. 
  • There are laundry rooms in the OGC in the basement of the 15th entryway, and at the NGC the laundry room is located in the 34th entryway.
  • Please select the following link for instructions on how to use your card: Laundry SmartCard Instructions

Questions? Call the Porter's Lodge at 609-258-3443


Moving out of the Graduate College

  • Please complete this form upon move-out and/or on the day that your Housing contract at the Graduate College ends:

  • The Porter's Lodge does not handle storage of personal items. Please direct your inquiries to the Facilities Customer Service Center at 609-258-8000
  • Please be sure ALL personal belongings and trash are removed from your room before checkout. All GC furniture must be returned to your room, and all bed frames must be assembled. Your room will be inspected and your door will be locked upon checkout. Fines will be issued for missing furniture/property, trash, damage, and remaining personal belongings.

Graduate College House Committee

The Graduate College House Committee website has plenty of useful information for all residents. Visit them at and check out their guide to living in the Graduate College: 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns, we are always happy to assist you. Please call 609-258-3443 or email us at