Essential Facilities

Procter Hall

Historic Procter Hall, which serves as the dining hall of the Graduate College, offers the following meals:

Weekday Schedule:

Continental breakfast: 7:30am - 9:30am

Dinner: 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Weekend Schedule:

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Brunch: 11:00am - 2:00pm.

Porter's Lodge

The Porter's Lodge is the main office of the Graduate College. For more information including hours of operation please visit the Porter's Lodge website.

Mail Room

The Mail Room is run by the Graduate College Office Coordinator. Mail is sorted by mailbox number only. Please ensure you notifiy friends and family to write your address clearly and correctly as follows:

Your Name (as it appears on your PUID)
88 College Road West

Your Room Number
Princeton, NJ 08540.

Refer to our mailroom policies for more detailed information on addresses and forwarding of mail.

Laundry Rooms

There are Laundry Rooms in both the Old and the New Graduate College. The OGC laundry room is located in the basement underneath the Porter's Lodge. The NGC laundry room is in the basement of entryway 34. The washing machines and dryers are maintained by the regular facilities officers. Please notify the laundry service provider by sending them an e-mail message if you encounter any problems.

Computer Rooms

There is a Computer Room is located in the basement of the Old Graduate College at entryway 8 and another adjacent to the laundry room in the New Graduate College (entry 34).

Problems should be immediately reported to the OIT Help Desk at 8-HELP.

You can access the computer rooms at all times. Present your student ID at the Porter's Lodge to receive the code for the door.


The GC has three kitchens, two in the OGC and one in the NGC. The OGC kitchens are located in the basement of entries 4 and 8 while the NGC kitchen is located at the entrance to the common room. The spaces are communal, which means the entire community utilizes them. Please be neat, clean up after yourselves, and wipe down any oil or grease that splatters or spills into the ovens to reduce the risk of a fire.


The main GC student parking lot (Lot 19) is behind the Old GC, accessible via Springdale Road. Guests of students who wish to park in Lot 19 must obtain a temporary permit. Please contact the Parking and Transportation Services Office at 609-258-3157. For short term parking there are two additional lots at the Graduate College. One lot is in front of Cleveland Tower, and the second is behind Wyman Gardens. Please note, these lots are generally reserved for staff and special events. Please be mindful of where you park to avoid tickets.