Graduate Student Affairs Team

The Graduate Student Affairs team is committed to serving the diverse needs of graduate students, fostering a sense of community, enhancing the quality of the Princeton experience, and increasing cooperation in resolving campus and community concerns.

In collaboration with colleagues across campus and graduate student groups, our team:

  • Develops initial and on-going orientation programs;
  • Creates opportunities for graduate student interaction across disciplines and encourages work life balance through intellectual, cultural and social programming; organizes recreational outings, public service and other activities;
  • Addresses residential, dining and apartment life matters; reviews related policies and procedures;
  • Works proactively to assist students experiencing personal difficulties and makes appropriate referrals;
  • Provides crisis management for medical, psychological and other emergencies;
  • Interprets and upholds institutional policies; helps mediate grievances, receives complaints and helps find resolutions to student concerns;
  • Sponsors family-focused initiatives to ensure that graduate degree candidates can meet the needs and demands of personal and family life while successfully pursuing their academic programs; and
  • Coordinates Hooding Ceremony and Commencement related events to celebrate the accomplishments of advanced degree recipients.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about any aspect of graduate student affairs at Princeton.