Student Organization Recognition Application

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We, the officers, assume responsibility for this organization and agree to the following:

  1. We confirm our willingness to abide by the general University regulations and policies appearing in the current edition of Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, the Graduate School Announcement, and this document.
  2. We agree to notify the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School immediately if and when the purpose of the organization changes.  Further, we agree to be responsible for this organization until the newly elected officers sign a new agreement.
  3. We individually assume responsibility for all expenses incurred by the organization.  In regard to debts incurred other than with the University, we acknowledge that we are responsible for the payment of such debts and that we may be held personally liable by creditors of our organization for any such debts.  Should the University pay any debts to creditors on behalf of our organization; such amounts will then be billed to us by the University.  In regard to University bills, we acknowledge that we understand and are willing to abide by the University policy governing payment of University bills as stated in the Graduate Student Announcement. Graduate Students will not be registered for each term until all financial requirements are met; they will also be subject to suspension whenever payments are not made on the scheduled dates.  Students who withdraw without meeting all financial obligations to the University will have their transcripts withheld and will not be eligible for readmission to Princeton.  A student otherwise entitled to graduate will not receive a degree, nor will a transcript be issued until all financial obligations to the University have been met.
  4. We acknowledge that the University determines all matters related to security and exercises control over access to all University buildings.
  5. We acknowledge that all events must be cleared and registered through the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School prior to any preparations being made.
  6. We acknowledge that the organization will be operated exclusively on a non-profit basis.  If it becomes necessary for the organization to incorporate either for its own interest or on the advice of the University, the action will be undertaken in consultation with the University; any organization that incorporates must do so strictly on a non-profit basis.
  7. Occasionally a few non-University people may take part in the activities of the organization; for legal and tax reasons they cannot hold offices or act on behalf of the group in any official way.
  8. In accordance with the University's policy of equal opportunity, we acknowledge that our organization may not on the basis of race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, or disability, exclude persons from participation in, deny persons the benefit of, or subject persons to discrimination under any of its educational programs or activities.
  9. We acknowledge that the organization has the responsibility to make its activities as accessible as possible to all members of the University community.  The organization agrees to not discriminate against any individual on the basis of handicap and to provide assistance to disabled students who wish to join the organization's activities or attend its events.
  10. For legal and tax reasons, we agree to maintain our financial records and submit a complete financial statement covering all financial transactions of the organization at anytime if requested by the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School.  We understand that these records will be subject to an audit by the University.

 The completion of the fields below serves as an acknowledgement of acceptance of the terms stated above.