Address Forwarding Form, Graduate College


Complete this form upon move-out and/or on the day that your Housing contract at the Graduate College ends.

Please ensure that you list your new domestic address below (domestic addresses are only locations within the United States and most territories). We cannot forward your mail/packages to international addresses.

You may not list a fellow student's Graduate College address as your new address, however you can list your academic department as your new address if applicable.

We are able to forward any delivered first class mail to your new address for up to three (3) months we connot forward packages, but please update your address as soon as possible. Anything addressed to the Graduate College after this 3-month period will be returned to the sender.

Please remember to change your address with online shopping sites or any other entities that you regularly receive mail and packages from.

Upon completion and submission of this form, you agree that you have read and understood the above information.

Questions? Please call the Porter's Lodge at 609-258-3443.

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Please let us know if you use an alias or preferred name that we should already know about. If not, please leave this field blank.
Please select the day, month, and year that you are moving-out of the Graduate College.
Please tell us an email address we should use to contact you if needed. This doesn't necessarily need to be your email.
Please write your new domestic address, including your name. EX: John Doe 123 Main Street Apartment 1 Anytown, NJ, 12345. Please remember that we cannot forward you mail to international addresses or fellow student addresses in the Graduate College.