Financial Wellness Fellows Program

Engage with the campus community while cultivating student financial literacy and wellness.

Participation as a Financial Wellness Fellow is an outstanding way to develop leadership and administrative skills, make connections and build relationships, and contribute to the graduate experience. Working with other Graduate School Fellows and teams including GradFUTURES; Access, Diversity and Inclusion; and Student Affairs to: 

  • Collaborate on promotion
  • Build community
  • Engage in professional development activities 

In addition to working with graduate students and members of the Graduate School administration, fellows work in collaboration with the Financial Literacy Initiative, a campus-wide program to empower students with the resources, tools, and knowledge to cultivate financial wellness during their time at Princeton and beyond. Fellows begin in August and continue through the end of May with the flexibility to continue during the summer.

Program Details

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact senior associate dean Scott McGoldrick or coordinator Jeanette DeGuire.