Ph.D. Funding: Natural Sciences & Engineering

Princeton’s full-funding guarantee ensures total support for all Ph.D. students throughout regular program enrollment. This includes tuition support from fellowships, assistantships, and external sources. Visit our Financial Support Model page for information about tuition & costs.

Year 1: Fellowships

During year one, doctoral studies for students in the natural sciences and engineering are fully covered with a 10-month First Year Fellowship. The Graduate School also offers additional fellowships to select students at the time of admission, all of which offer a higher stipend rate.

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Years 2-5: Assistantships & External Fellowships

After the first academic year, departments provide support to continuing students, typically in the form of Assistantships in Research (AR) or Assistantships in Instruction (AI) at the university rates. If supported on departmental fellowship or training grant, support is coordinated up to the AR rate. Students are paid at the same monthly AR rate in the summer months, June and July, as during the 10-month academic year.

Student support may also come from competitive fellowships or external awards. Regardless of the external stipend amount, students will receive any additional support needed to provide full tuition and stipend or salary up to the AR rate. 

Dissertation Completion Funding

If the degree is not completed within a department's normal timeframe, up to two additional years of dissertation completion enrollment (DCE) may be available. In general, DCE students are not guaranteed support. However, it is provided in certain circumstances, and tuition grants tied to AI appointments or external fellowships may cover the marginal-cost tuition rate. If available, honorific funds may also be used to cover the first year of DCE enrollment.