Ph.D. Funding: Humanities & Social Sciences

Princeton’s full-funding guarantee ensures total support for all Ph.D. students throughout regular program enrollment. This includes tuition and stipend support from fellowships, assistantships, and external sources. Visit our Financial Support Model page for information about tuition & costs.


Fellowships are the primary source of funding in Princeton’s financial support model for degree candidates in the humanities and social sciences. All students during their regular enrollment period are covered fully via a University Fellowship, unless they hold alternate sources of funding. Additional fellowships are also offered by the Graduate School and campus partners, some of which offer a higher stipend rate. Premium-rate honorific fellowships are awarded to select later-stage Ph.D. students whose research shows exceptional promise. 

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Assistantships & External Fellowships

Additional funding comes in many forms, including assistantships and external fellowships.

Dissertation Completion Funding

If the degree is not completed within a department's normal timeframe, up to two additional years of dissertation completion enrollment (DCE) may be available. In general, DCE students are not guaranteed support. However, it is provided in certain circumstances and supplemental funding can be found from a variety of sources. The Office of the Dean of the Graduate School offers a sixth-year-funding program to select Ph.D. students in the humanities and social sciences. Visit our Dissertation Completion Funding section for details.