Master’s Degree Funding

Financial support for master’s students varies by academic department and degree program.

In general, the Graduate School does not provide central funding for master’s candidates. However, certain academic departments do provide partial or full funding to master's students. In addition, students may be eligible for Assistantships in Instruction (AI) or Assistantships in Research (AR). External funding options may also be available. Tailored guidance can be provided by one’s department and academic adviser. Students are also encouraged to explore the resources on this site, which are aligned to a wide range of interests. Visit our Financial Support Model page for information about tuition & costs.

Master’s Funding

Master's programs that offer partial or full funding include the following:

  • Architecture (ARC M.Arch.): Tuition packages vary by program. If students obtain an Assistantship in Instruction (AI) appointment, they are eligible for tuition and stipend support through the AI.
  • Computer Science (COS M.S.E.): Full financial support is offered through Assistantships in Instruction.
  • The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (ECE M.Eng., MAE M.Eng.): Students admitted into these M.Eng. programs are generally self-funded. However, M.Eng. students are eligible for up to a three-hour AI appointment per term, subject to teaching needs and satisfactory academic progress. If an AI appointment is obtained, commensurate tuition and salary support is provided.
  • The School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA M.P.A., M.P.P.): SPIA offers generous financial support to every admitted student. All admitted students receive 100% of tuition, required fees support, and comprehensive health insurance. Additionally, the School offers a generous stipend for living expenses throughout your degree program.


Master’s students with partial or no financial support from their degree program are responsible for tuition charges. Students who are self-supported for all or part of their tuition are billed for required tuition and fees in August for the fall term and in January for the spring term.