Funding Calendar, University Rates & Costs

Funding Calendar

Academic Term Dates
Fall Term August 1 - December 31
Spring Term January 1 - May 31
Summer Term June 1 - July 31

Graduate student financial support follows the Graduate School academic and enrollment calendar.

Incoming First-year Students: Princeton fellowships begin in August with the start of the new academic year. Note that pay is provided at the end of each month in which the support is earned per the university payroll cycle

Continuing Students: Princeton twelve-month fellowship awards run from August 1 through July 31; ten-month awards run from August 1 through May 31. 

Students with Assistantships in Instruction (AIs): AI assignments begin at the start of the respective five-month term. Salary is paid beginning August 1 in fall, January 1 in spring.

Students Planning for Degree Completion or Change in Status in a Given Term: When planning for a change in enrollment status or degree completion, please reference this important information regarding student benefits.

University Rates & Costs: 2024-25