Dean's Completion Fellowship / PGRA Program

The Dean’s Completion Fellowship/Postgraduate Research Associates (DCF/PGRA) Program provides additional, generous financial support to promising sixth-year Ph.D. students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Not only does this encourage degree completion, the program emphasizes activities that strengthen participants’ candidacy on the job market.

Program Overview

The DCF/PGRA Program consists of two parts, as described in detail below: A Dean's Completion Fellowship (DCF) for one term and a Postgraduate Research Associate (PGRA) appointment, if the FPO is completed before the end of the DCF semester. Eligibility for this program is by departmental nomination.

Dean’s Completion Fellowships

These fellowships pay the Dissertation Completion Enrollment (DCE) tuition fee and provide fellowship funding at the full standard stipend rate to selected sixth-year students. These fellowships may be held in the fall or spring.

Postgraduate Research Associate Program

Students who finish dissertation work and successfully complete the Final Public Oral (FPO) before the end of the fellowship semester may be appointed as Postgraduate Research Associates (PGRAs) through the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. PGRA appointments offer: 

  • Employment and increased pay: PGRAs enjoy secure employment affiliation with the University, with an increase in pay. 
  • Career-oriented activities: PGRAs focus on DOF-approved activities that strengthen their candidacy on the job market, including: research and publication work, advising undergraduate students, administrative duties (within the department or in conjunction with other University offices), and/or teaching a course.  Under certain circumstances, teaching could also be done at an institution other than Princeton.

DCF Recipients Who Do Not Complete the FPO by January 31/May 31

DCF/PGRA recipients who do not complete the FPO by January 31 (for fall DCFs) or by May 31 (for spring DCFs), and are ineligible to convert to PGRA status, may continue enrollment in DCE status. Such students will have no guaranteed funding from the Graduate School, except in cases of previously obtained University funding, and no further opportunity for a PGRA appointment. These students may apply to and receive funding opportunities available to DCE students including Assistantship in Instruction appointments, departmental funds, and external awards.

DCF/PGRA and Other Funding Programs