Financial Support Model

Our comprehensive approach to financial support is built on a foundation of full, tailored Ph.D. funding that creates new academic possibilities.

The Graduate School 12-month enrollment and funding calendar is comprised of two five-month academic terms and a two-month summer term. This 10 + 2 annual model aligns with the university academic calendar and begins August 1st.

  • The fall term is comprised of five months, beginning August 1 and ending December 31
  • The spring term is comprised of five months, beginning January 1 and ending May 31
  • Summer is comprised of June and July

Students receiving university stipend or salary receive pay at the end of the month in which it is earned per the university payroll schedule. New incoming graduate students will be paid their first fellowship stipend in full for the month of August.

Annual university rate adjustments are effective August 1 with the start of the new academic year.

Tuition is incurred for each month of enrollment. Tuition support through the 10-month academic year includes student health plan coverage that continues in the summer.

Base Fellowships

At Princeton, we ensure that all Ph.D. students in regular enrollment have complete support as they pursue their intellectual passion. Our funding guarantee begins with full first-year fellowships for all, and includes tuition, our 12-month Student Health Plan, and a base stipend that covers living expenses.

Continued Support

The funding mix after the first year varies by division and term, but typically includes a blend of internal fellowships, assistantships in research or instruction, and external fellowships that together cover tuition, the student health plan, and full stipend throughout regular program enrollment. (Ph.D. program length is typically four or five years. Learn more in our Fields of Study section.)

Princeton Fellowships

Explore funding that enables you to focus on your studies and dissertation research.


Gain valuable teaching and research experience along with tuition and stipend support for your studies.

External Fellowships

Bolster your base support with external awards that offer academic flexibility and prestige.

Additional Funding & Support

Find additional sources of support targeted to your needs, including loans and VA or Americorps benefits.

Typical Funding Patterns

By the Numbers: 2023-24

effective August 1, 2023

Financial Shopping Sheet

The University strives to offer transparency about costs and the aid available to meet those costs so that students can make informed decisions on financing their graduate degree. The Financial Shopping Sheet outlines expected financial obligations associated with graduate study at Princeton as well as support options available to you.


Graduate Student Financial Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found in the Princeton Service Portal.