External Fellowship Coordination

University support is coordinated with external awards to ensure that all Ph.D. students receive full tuition and stipend at or above standard University rates during regular enrollment.

Coordination of External Fellowships and University Funding 

As outlined in the Graduate School External Fellowship Policy, there are three factors used to determine the coordination of financial support for Ph.D. students: 

  1. The value of the external fellowship
  2. The student’s division of study
  3. The student’s year of study

Key Graduate School Guidelines

  • Award activation: Students must accept and utilize an external fellowship in the first year it is available. 
  • Concurrent fellowships: As a general guideline, university financial support is coordinated with external funding.
  • Eligibility for banked DCE funding or external awards: The external fellowship stipend determines eligibility for banking a year of fellowship funding for use in the first year of DCE (for humanities and social sciences) or receiving a supplemental award (for natural sciences and engineering). 


Coordination Guidance