External Fellowships

Princeton graduate students have a successful track record landing competitive national and international awards.

Offered by government, foundation, and corporate sponsors, external fellowships often meet or exceed University stipends. Creating opportunities for graduate students to work with professionals in their fields, these fellowships also promote independent research and interdisciplinary inquiry. Often prestigious, the awards generally provide tuition, a stipend, or a combination thereof.

Depending on one's division and plans, recipients may also benefit from supplemental support from the Graduate School or expanded funding options related to Dissertation Completion Enrollment.

When students receive external fellowships, their financial support package is coordinated to ensure that all costs remain fully covered, and that all activities–including assistantships and student employment–align with University and fellowship guidelines.

Fellowship Reporting (required)

Students must report all external fellowships to the Graduate School: 

  • Complete and submit an external fellowship form. This form captures key details about the award period and the level / type of support. While completing the form, supporting documentation or a copy of the award letter must be included.
  • Continuing students must also note planned external fellowship in spring reenrollment.

External Fellowship Terms

Students are responsible for understanding the terms of, and ensuring compliance with, the requirements and/or restrictions of their external award. Common considerations include:

  • Award duration: External award periods vary and may provide support for one or multiple years.
  • Award amounts and components: Fellowships come in all forms and amounts. Components may include tuition, stipend, travel, or research expenses. 
  • Restrictions: Restrictions vary from fellowship to fellowship. It is important to understand all limitations, including those that affect a student’s eligibility to hold an Assistantship in Instruction.
  • Payment: Funds provided by external fellowships are either paid directly to the student or paid to the University to be administered on the student’s behalf.

External Fellowships Requiring University Nomination

A select number of external awards have a campus review process through the Academic Affairs Office in The Graduate School. For additional information, contact Elaine Willey.

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