Student Employment & Internships

An approved student employment experience or internship can complement one’s academic studies.

Graduate study is a full-time commitment, and Princeton’s comprehensive financial packages are structured accordingly. However, approved student employment and external opportunities such as internships can complement one’s academic studies.


Prior to accepting any hourly work or an external internship position, it is important to fully review Princeton’s Student Employment Policy and guidelines governing student employment and external opportunities. International students must comply with all rules on the Davis International Center’s employment page or risk violating their visa immigration status. 

Hourly Employment

Princeton offers a variety of on-campus hourly employment opportunities for enrolled graduate students.

Internships & External Opportunities

When carefully balanced with your studies, experience in a professional or research setting can positively impact your degree progress and professional development. These external opportunities may include internships at corporations, positions at national labs or research institutes, or research assistantships conducted away from Princeton. In addition, gradFUTURES provides funding for unpaid internship opportunities conducted at non-profit organizations that have partnered with the Graduate School.