Engage the next stage of your academic career through a teaching or research appointment.

Assistantships provide a tuition and stipend contribution, paid as salary, for research or teaching. While requirements vary by department, Princeton believes strongly that assistantships are an integral part of one's academic training and professional development. 

Assistantship in Instruction (AI)

During an Assistantship in Instruction (AI), graduate students may be involved in a combination of classroom teaching, laboratory supervision, and grading in undergraduate courses. Most Ph.D. programs require teaching as part of the graduate academic experience, often in specific years of study. AIs are also commonly held by master’s students and DCE students. Ordinarily, first year students in Ph.D. programs are not appointed as AI's.

Visit the Academics section for complete details regarding the AI program. A summary of financial considerations is included here.

Assistantship in Research (AR)

During an Assistantship in Research (AR), graduate students contribute to faculty research. Funding is generally provided by faculty research grants. In the natural sciences and engineering, students are commonly supported by an AR after the first year of study and during summers. 

Tax Information

Assistantships are a form of employment, and are subject to federal and state tax withholding.