Financial Shopping Sheet

The Financial Shopping Sheet is a tool to help you estimate the cost of your education. Please note that your actual cost may differ based on several factors:

  • University financial support to cover your cost of attendance
  • Your length of enrollment (see information on tuition refund policy)
  • A change in cost of living
  • A change in tuition/fees as approved annually by the Board of Trustees
  • DoD or VA educational benefits which cover tuition and fees, books/supplies, and/or housing allowance

Graduate Student Cost of Attendance 2024-25

The graduate student cost of attendance (COA) consists of tuition and the required student health plan fee plus the estimated cost of living for a single graduate student. As noted below, the tuition rate depends on a student’s enrollment status. 

Tuition and Student Health Plan (SHP) Fee


Student Health Plan Fee (required for all enrolled graduate students)

  • Student Health Plan Fee (required for all enrolled students): $3,510

Cost of Living

Estimated annual living costs for a single graduate student for 2024-25:

ItemAmount (12 months)
Personal Expenses$9,060
Books and Supplies$2,335

*Housing is based on a weighted average for on-and off-campus options.

Total COA (Tuition and SHP Fee, plus Cost of Living)

Enrollment Status12 Months
Regular Enrollment$103,260
DCE / In absentia Enrollment$45,370

Other Expenses

For information purposes, other expenses that a graduate student might incur include the following:

Other Required Fees

  • Graduate Student Government Fee: $27.35
  • Graduate College Member Fee (residents): $25 per term
  • Graduate College Member Fee (non-residents): $15 annually

Other Possible Fees

  • Optional Health Plans: health care coverage fees for spouse or dependents
  • Supplemental Insurance Coverage: vision or dental insurance
  • Required Immunizations: Insurance coverage is available for some immunizations  
  • Lab/Studio Fee (School of Architecture) 

Funding for Graduate Students

Net Cost to You

By reviewing the COA and all sources of educational support for which you are eligible, you can determine your net cost, i.e., any remaining costs that you may need to pay. To estimate your net cost to cover education expenses:

  • Take the COA (tuition and required student health plan fees, plus the estimated cost of living)
  • Subtract any grants, scholarships or other benefits for which you are eligible
    • From the university: Fellowship and/or assistantships (see Admission Offer or your Annual Financial Support Letter)
    • From external sources: including outside fellowship awards and VA Education Benefits

Please note that if you do receive partial or no tuition support, you will be billed each term by Student Accounts for the remaining self-pay portion of tuition owed for the term.

Loan and Work Options

If you receive full funding from the university, you may have no need for other financial support. However, if you are enrolled in a program without full university financial support, are in DCE status without full support, or have dependents, you may need other sources of funding to meet your financial needs over the course of your education.

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