Additional Funding & Support

Beyond Princeton’s significant standard support package, a wide range of tailored funding opportunities are available.

We encourage students to explore funding and support resources that align with their unique path and interests. Designed to reflect the real-time needs of our students, these programs align with Princeton’s holistic approach to supporting the Graduate School community.

Student Activity Funding

Locate funds for professional development and travel, summer research, and more.


Loans & Work-Study

Find application and eligibility details for student loans and federal work-study.

Assistance Programs

Explore resources to help with unexpected expenses, provide family and medical support, and more.

Military-Connected Students

Certify and coordinate student education benefits for military students, veterans and their families provided by the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).


AmeriCorps Education Benefits

Find information about using your AmeriCorps benefits at Princeton.