Frequently Asked Questions


Which transcripts do I need to upload to my application?

Upload transcripts from each college or university which you attended or are attending. Uploaded transcripts do not need to be official.

I am applying, where should I mail my paper transcripts?

Do not mail transcripts. Only if you are offered admission and accept our offer will you be required to submit official final transcripts.

I was admitted, where should I mail my official final transcripts?

Princeton University
Graduate Admission
ATTN: Final Transcript
One Clio Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544

Do you accept certified electronic transcripts, and if so, where should they be sent?

Yes. Certified electronic transcripts should be sent to:


I was admitted, which official final transcripts do I need to send?

Send transcripts from each institution from which you have earned a degree. 

My transcripts are not yet available, what should I do?

Please do not send your official transcript if the degree has not been conferred. Instead, please inform the Office of Graduate Admission at

Should I upload transcripts that are not in English?

Yes. Please upload both your original transcript in your native language along with an official English translation.

My transcript has a certified digital signature and I cannot upload it to my application. What should I do?

Print the digital transcript, scan the print-out and upload that scan to your application. If upon printing, a watermark indicating the document is “invalid once printed” appears, we will still accept it for your application. If this is not possible, send the original digital transcript with the certified digital signature to and we will attach the document to your application within a few business days. Please be aware that this cannot be done until after you have submitted your application.