Frequently Asked Questions


I was admitted, where should I mail my official final transcripts?

Princeton University
Graduate Admission
ATTN: Final Transcript
One Clio Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544

Do you accept certified electronic transcripts, and if so, where should they be sent?

Yes. Certified electronic transcripts should be sent to:

I was admitted, which official final transcripts do I need to send?

Send transcripts from each institution from which you have earned a degree. 

My transcripts are not yet available, what should I do?

Please do not send your official transcript if the degree has not been conferred. Instead, please inform the Office of Graduate Admission at

Should I upload transcripts that are not in English?

Yes. Please upload both your original transcript in your native language along with an official English translation.

Which transcripts do I need to upload to my application?

Upload transcripts from each college or university which you attended or are attending. Uploaded transcripts do not need to be official.

I am applying, where should I mail my paper transcripts?

Do not mail transcripts. Only if you are offered admission and accept our offer will you be required to submit official final transcripts.