Frequently Asked Questions


The application will only allow me to register three recommenders; how can I register more?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, and in order to review each application thoroughly and thoughtfully, we allow only three letters of recommendation.

What does it mean to waive my FERPA rights for recommendation letters?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives enrolled students the right to inspect and review their educational records. If you do not waive your rights and you become a student at Princeton, you would have access to view recommendation letters in the future.  This only applies to applicants that are offered admission, accept our offer, and become students.  Applicants who do not become students will not be able to view recommendation letters under any circumstances.

The email that your recommender will receive from Princeton indicates if FERPA rights have been waived or not, and this may influence what the recommender writes in the reference.

Can I change my decision to waive my FERPA rights?

No. Upon sending the form to your recommender, you will no longer be able to change your decision about whether to waive your right.

I can’t remember if I waived my FERPA rights or not, how can I check?

Please log into your account and go to Recommendations. Click “Edit” next to the Recommender’s name to see how you filled out the form when you registered the recommender.

I did not waive my FERPA rights, can I view the letters of recommendation sent on my behalf?

All letters of recommendation are confidential during the admission process.  If you did not waive your right, you may view them only after you are enrolled. If you did not receive an offer of admission, or if you declined an offer of admission, you may not access the letters at any time.

My recommender is having trouble submitting the recommendation through the system, what should he or she do?

Please make sure your recommender clicked on “Submit.”  Often recommenders click on save and fail to click on submit. If your recommender is still having trouble, the recommender should email

I already registered my recommenders, can I change one?

Once you register a recommender, you cannot make changes to the recommender on your own. If a recommender has not yet started the process, you may send a request to for further assistance.