--Mindfulness and Meditation Lunch: Fire Your Inner Critic

Nov 10 2016 -
1:00pm to 2:00pm

We sometimes say very critical, harsh things about ourselves, especially when we compare ourselves to others in competitive environments like Princeton. Negative self-talk can contribute to stress, anxiety, and self-doubt, and actually decrease motivation and productivity. We’ll discuss techniques drawn from Mindfulness Meditation and Cognitive Therapy to replace your inner critic with a more compassionate, realistic, and helpful inner voice that may help you appreciate yourself and your abilities more. Facilitated by Joe Cooper, Psychologist, UHS. A healthy lunch will be served. The event is free.  This event is open to Princeton University Graduate students. Spouses/partners may also attend with permission.  Sign-ups are encouraged but a number of walk-ins will be allowed.  Sign up with Olivia at omartel@princeton.edu