Lunch and Learn at Massive Dynamics

Sep 20 2019 -
12:30pm to 2:30pm

Apply now to join Princeton Ph.D. students for a lunch and learn at Massive Dynamics, where Princeton Ph.D. alums will share about the company, its projects, and the scientific underpinnings of their work. Each Princeton Ph.D. student who is selected to attend will then present 1 or 2 slides about their research, giving a high-level overview of the problem they are attempting to solve, as well as applications and contributions to their field of inquiry and beyond.

About Massive Dynamics:

We develop data science products for major corporations. We make data science accessible for business professionals in consumer packaged goods (CPG). We rely on our core glass-box machine learning technology, which can reliably detect signals in a highly correlated data environment.

Our primary applications are: (a) To enhance in-store promotions by tuning and optimizing discounts, promotion length, display, signage, ads, coupons, shelf placement, etc. and (b) To integrate machine learning models in supply chain network optimization to account for volatility of various processes and to accurately evaluate supply chain risk.

To apply: send a brief statement of interest, as well as a resume or CV to: James M. Van Wyck,

James M. Van Wyck
Sponsored by: 
Office of the Dean of the Graduate School and Massive Dynamics