Shape Your Ph.D. 1: Connecting your Why: Threading Purpose, Meaning and Impact into the PhD experience

Sep 22, 2022, 6:00 pm7:30 pm
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Event Description
GradFUTURES is pleased to launch “Shape your PhD”- an interdisciplinary learning cohort on Thursdays, Sep 22-Nov 10, 6-7.30 pm. This learning cohort, designed especially for G1 and G2 students, will involve active learning methods driving the direction of content. Join us to reimagine, explore and visualize a holistic PhD experience focused on your personal and professional growth. 

Overview: A Ph.D. experience can include much more than disciplinary training and expertise. Although Ph.D. training primarily happens within departments, we encourage graduate students to connect with the vast social and intellectual ecosystem at Princeton’s campus for professional development. The broader campus provides rare access to people from different parts of the world who are motivated by a shared purpose and provide you with the tools and agency to shape your PhD in ways that align with your unique interests, prior experiences and future aspirations.

This is the first session of Shape your PhD interdisciplinary learning cohort pilot. 
Session 1 begins with your why. 
  • What motivations influence your professional journey? 
  • What does purpose, meaning, impact and success mean to you in professional life?
In this session, we will investigate, understand and communicate our individual and collective Whys. We’ll discuss ways you can thread the reasons you are pursuing graduate education into your broader definitions of impact and success in research, teaching and service within and beyond Princeton. 

Pre-read: Shape your PhD by Sonali Majumdar and James Van Wyck, Inside Higher Ed, August 2022

Jules Pizza will be served!