Command-Line Power Tools

Sep 22, 2022, 4:30 pm6:00 pm
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Event Description
This workshop should be taken after the "Intro to the Linux Command Line" workshop.

Linux command line tools and regular expressions will be introduced, with an emphasis on the GNU flavored inflections of such common utilities as grep, find, sed, awk, and other stand-bys of BASH pipelines and scripts. In a mixture of lecture, demos, and hands-on activities, participants will see various ways to expedite many day-to-day computing tasks, particularly tasks that involves handling structured text files (including data files and parameter files).

Learning objectives: Participants will learn ways to improve their command-line workflow, how to read and compose regular expressions, how to use command-line tools that leverage regular expressions, and how to chain those tools together to create powerful file-processing pipelines. They will also leave with enough know-how to parse and understand the plethora of online resources that offer tips and tricks for these tools.

Knowledge prerequisites: Basic Linux and the Bash command-line (covered in the earlier “Intro to the Linux Command Line” session). In particular, participants should understand what the standard file streams are (stdin, stdout, stderr) and should know what bash pipes are and how they work.

Hardware/software prerequisites: (1) Bring a laptop which can connect to the eduroam wireless network and should be able to Duo authenticate to use campus resources. (2) Register for an account on Adroit ( at least 48 hours before the workshop. (3) Participants must have access to a Linux/Unix command line (that can be on Adroit or a local shell on your laptop).