The Graduate School at Princeton University supports a number of student led organizations that focus on topics relevant to Women in STEM. Each of these groups has their own mission, purpose, and programming but all share an emphasis on support, research, and mentorship to women in the STEM fields. Additionally, each organization has a seat on the Women in STEM Leadership Council, which is convened by the Diversity and Inclusion team.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Women in Science Partnership (EEB WISP)

EEB WISP is a group for anyone interested in issues pertaining to women in the fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The group provides a forum for discussion and organizes events and outreach opportunities aimed at addressing issues important to women and improving equality within the field.  All are welcome! Events are open to undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, faculty and staff interested in these issues.

Email: Jennifer Schieltz at

Female Researchers in Chemistry (FRIC)

Open to all women in the chemistry department (graduate students, post-docs, faculty and staff), FRIC organizes a variety of events to foster a vibrant and strong community and raise awareness of the historic and future states of gender relations and work - life balance in the global chemistry community.


Princeton Women in Physics

Princeton Women in Physics is a support, information, and advocacy group for post-graduate women in the Princeton University Physics Department.  We provide support through social events and bi-weekly lunches, as well as academic and mentoring opportunities.  We serve as a liaison between women scientists and the department as a whole on issues of equity, respectful climate, and general support for equality and advancement of women in the field.