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2019- 2020 Diversity Fellow Job Description

The Diversity and Inclusion Team is seeking candidates to serve as Diversity Fellows for the 2019-2020 academic year, September 2019 through May 2020 (DFs hired into the position will have the option to remain in the position during the summer months- June, July & August 2020). Diversity Fellows work together to support an inclusive graduate school community and enhance the cultural, academic, and professional experience of underrepresented students (e.g., students of color, women in certain STEM fields, low income and first generation college students, and LGBT students). Participation as a Diversity Fellow is an outstanding way to meet new people, develop leadership and administrative skills, gain useful experience for your resume or C.V., explore specific academic, professional and social interests, and contribute to the graduate experience.

Position Description

The Graduate School Diversity Fellow (DF) is a part-time, graduate student staff member of the Graduate School whose goal is to build an inclusive community amongst graduate students and act as a resource to underrepresented graduate and perspective graduate students.  The DF reports directly to the Associate Dean for Access, Diversity and Inclusion and works collaboratively with the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator and other members of the Diversity and Inclusion team.


Diversity Fellows will receive a stipend of $5000/academic year. The stipend is in addition to any research, teaching and/or fellowship awards they may hold, subject to Graduate School & University policies.

Job Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the DF is to build community through programming, event planning, and recruiting events. To that end, other administrative duties become necessary.

Community Building/ Event Planning/ Programming:

  • Organize, implement, and promote intellectual, cultural and social activities for graduate students and their families;
  • Participate in the programming efforts of the Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion Coordinators, the Graduate School, affinity groups and University departments;
  • Create an inclusive and supporting environment;
  • Be familiar with University polices and resources; refer students to appropriate resources as necessary.


  • Attend a Diversity Fellows Orientation session and planning meetings with DFs and GS staff;
  • Evaluate activities and report to GS staff on success of programming efforts;
  • Manage a modest programming budget and submit required documentation to GS staff;
  • Assist with Graduate School events/activities (such as Orientation, Recruitment/Hosting Events, the new Grad Scholars Program and Fall Institute).


  • Participate in recruitment efforts (some travel may be required);
  • Possibly attending at least one recruitment trip to be identified in collaboration with the Associate Dean.


  • Communicate regularly with graduate students, faculty and staff to gather program ideas and publicize events.
  • Actively use social media to promote, market, and archive DF event activities
Programming Expectation

Depending on the size and scale of the individual program, the Diversity Fellow is expected to implement 1-2 programs per month.  Programs can range from small events, such as coffee breaks or movie nights, to large events, such as bringing in diversity/inclusion related speakers or trips to New York City/Philadelphia.

Program Categories:  Programs are to be offered in collaboration with the following University Partners:

  1. The Writing Program
  2. The Pace Center
  3. Carl A. Fields Center
  4. The Women’s Center
  5. The LGBT Center
  6. The FSI/SIFP Program
  7. Career Services
  8. McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning
  9. The new Grad Scholars Program (Graduate School Diversity and Inclusion Team)
  10. Purely Social and Fun!

Program Budget:  The Diversity Fellow will work with the GS Staff to determine the appropriate finances per DF event.  For each calendar year, the Diversity Fellow must work within a budget of $1,000 per semester and will be expected to communicate (via email, phone, or in person) with the GS staff prior to finalizing programs in order to obtain proper approval. Each DF is issued a University Travel and Expense Credit Card for use for DF events.  At the end of each month DFs need to substantiate their T&E card transitions and/or submit out-of-pocket reimbursements in Concur.        

Program Evaluation:  Upon completion of each program, DF must complete a Program Evaluation form to provide detailed information on the outcome of the event.

Time Commitment

The Diversity Fellow position requires approximately 20 hours/month dedicated to the above responsibilities. 

Job Requirements
  • Enrollment as a Graduate School degree candidate;
  • Good academic standing;
  • Live in the Princeton area (or very close proximity).
  • Is responsible, reliable and a team player;
  • A desire to be a part of and help enhance a diverse and inclusive Graduate School community;
  • A positive attitude and a sense of humor.
  • Note to students on temporary F-1 and J-1 student visas: please be aware of restrictions on payment for work or services.  For more information, please visit The Davis International Center.

Selection Information

Applications are due by Monday, April 1st, 2019. Based upon the completed application, students will be selected for a personal interview. Interviews for selected candidates will be conducted and we hope to have the selection process complete by Friday, April12th, 2019. Completed applications should be sent via e-mail to Dean Renita Miller (Renitam@princeton.edu), please copy Sarah Mullins (smullins@princeton.edu).


Download the application HERE.


Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Miller, Renitam@princeton.edu.