Faculty Mentors

Students who participate in the PSURE program are mentored by top scholars in their field. The students work with their faculty mentor on either their own original research question, or as a research assistant in a laboratory project (sciences and engineering). The listing below represents the faculty members who have mentored PSURE students between 2007-15:

Faculty MentorDepartment
Jeremy AdelmanSpanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Jeanne AltmannEcology and Evolutionary Biology
Leora BatnitzkyReligion and Jewish Studies
Wendy BelcherComparative Literature and African American Studies
Jay BenzigerChemical and Biological Engineering
Steven BernasekChemistry
Wallace BestReligion and African American Studies
Rebecca BurdineMolecular Biology
Miguel CentenoSociology
Anne ChengEnglish and African American Studies
Andy ConwayPsychology
Joel CooperPsychology
Angela CreagerHistory
Danelle DavenportMolecular Biology
Chuck DismukesChemistry
Delia FaraPhilosophy
Edward FeltenComputer Science
Patricia Fernandez-KellySociology
Susan FiskePsychology
Cristiano GalbiatiPhysics
Simon GikandiEnglish
Zemer GitaiMolecular Biology
Eddie GlaudeReligion and African American Studies
Claire GmachlElectrical Engineering
Elizabeth GouldPsychology and Neueoscience
Anthony GraftonHistory
Eric GregoryReligion
Javier GuerreroSpanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Joshua GuildHistory
Amir HajianPhysics
Zahid HasanPhysics
Philip HolmesMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Tera HunterHistory and African American Studies
Niraj JhaElectrical Engineering
Jason KlugmanProgram in Teacher Preparation
Robert KnowlesChemistry
Kevin KruseHistory
Naomi LeonardMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Simon LevinEcology and Evolutionary Biology
Stephen MacedoPolitics
Alan MannAnthropology
William MasseyOperations Research and Financial Engineering
Michael McAlpineMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Tali MendelbergPolitics
Celeste NelsonChemical and Biological Engineering
Yael NivPsychology and Neuroscience
Kenneth NormanPsychology
Elizabeth PaluckPsychology and Public Affairs
Imani PerryAfrican American Studies
Debbie PrenticePsychology
Emily ProninPsychology and Public Affairs
David RicePsychology
Thomas RomerPolitics and Woodrow Wilson School
Gideon RosenPhilosophy
Leon RosenbergMolecular Biology
Carolyn RouseAnthropology
Martha SandweissHistory
Gertrude SchupbachMolecular Biology
J. Nicole SheltonPsychology
Stacey SinclairPsychology and African American Studies
Mona SinghComputer Science and Genomics
Valerie SmithEnglish and African American Studies
David SpergelAstronomy
Suzanne StaggsPhysics
Howard StoneMechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Jeffrey StoutReligion
Ron SurtzSpanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Marta TiendaSociology
Please note: Several faculty mentors have mentored more than one student per year and/or have participated as a mentor for multiple years.