Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies graduate certificate is offered by the High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI), which is the center for environmental research, education, and outreach at Princeton University.  The graduate certificate is highly interdisciplinary and allows students from all disciplines to add an environmental dimension to their studies.  This provides graduate students an opportunity to complement their disciplinary studies with coordinated interdisciplinary training in the broad field of Environmental Studies.

Latin American Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies is open to all Princeton University graduate students currently enrolled in any Ph.D. program who are able to meet the requirements of the program. Students enrolled in the Master in Public Affairs Degree Program at the the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs may also enroll in the certificate program if they write a research paper on a Latin American topic in consultation with the program director.

Computational Science and Engineering

Computation is now a crucial tool for discovery in the sciences, engineering, and increasingly the humanities. Scientific computation is also a diverse field. It requires a working knowledge of numerical analysis (to develop new and more accurate algorithms), best-practices in software engineering (to implement and maintain ever-growing scientific software systems), computer science (to exploit emerging trends in hardware and programming practices), and domain-specific expertise.

African American Studies

The graduate certificate in African American Studies provides an opportunity for students to complement doctoral studies in their home department with coordinated interdisciplinary training in African American Studies while participating in an intellectually stimulating community.

Population Studies

The Office of Population Research (OPR), founded in 1936, is the demographic research and graduate training center at Princeton University. The field encompasses a wide range of specializations that span substantive and methodological subjects in the social, mathematical, and biological sciences.

History of Science

The goal of the graduate Program in History of Science at Princeton is to enhance our students' enthusiasm for the subject while also training them for the joint professional responsibilities of teaching and research. Under the aegis of the Department of History, the Program in History of Science treats science as an intellectual, cultural, and social phenomenon.


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