Tuition and Costs

The standard tuition rate for an academic year is the same for all regularly enrolled graduate students during their regular enrollment period. The total rate includes the required Student Health Plan (SHP) fee.  The University will not permit students to waive out of the SHP fee.

Ph.D. students who are in absentia and/or in DCE status pay a marginal-cost tuition rate that includes the mandatory SHP fee.

Princeton’s Board of Trustees approves tuition rates annually. For the 2018-2019 academic year, our tuition and fees are detailed below:

Tuition and Fees: 2018 - 2019

Regular EnrollmentAmount
Tuition - Regular49,450
SHP Fee 1,800
Total Tuition and SHP Fee51,250
DCE or In Absentia EnrollmentAmount
Tuition - DCE/In-Absentia3,730
SHP Fee1,800
Total Tuition and SHP Fee5,530

For Ph.D. candidates, tuition and fees during a student’s regular period of enrollment are provided in full from a student’s graduate student financial support, in the form of tuition support from fellowships, assistantships, or external sources.

The annual stipend amount provided to Ph.D. candidates during their regular enrollment is intended to support a single graduate student based on estimated costs. Master’s students or students with spouses and/or dependents may require additional resources to support their living expenses – see Loans and Assistance.

As a general reference for graduate students, living costs for a single graduate student are estimated annually by the Graduate School, as detailed below: 

Cost of Living: 2018 - 2019

Living Expenses10 Months12 Months
Personal Expenses6,4057,685
Books and Supplies1,4831,780
Total Living Expenses25,81330,975
  1. Housing expense is based on on-campus and off-campus options.
  2. Effective July 1, 2018