GCAP Claims and Reimbursement


The GCAP award will be paid to you on a reimbursement basis after the expenses are incurred. The total annual award amount accrues on a monthly basis over the course of the plan year. Reimbursement is limited to the portion of your award that has actually accrued as of the date your reimbursement request is processed. You have until September 30 to submit claims for reimbursement for the preceding GCAP plan year. Any balance not cleared before September 30 is forfeited. Eligible expenses for reimbursement through your GCAP award are:

  • On-Campus Housing
  • Off-Campus Housing
  • SHP Dependent Premium (child)
  • External Medical Insurance Premium (child)
  • Child Care

In an effort to expedite and facilitate payments, the University administers reimbursements for on-campus housing claims, off-campus housing claims, and SHP family insurance policy claims. PayFlex Systems, USA, a third party vendor, administers child care claims as well as claims for external (non-SHP) family health insurance policies. Once the appropriate claim administrator verifies that your claim meets program requirements, the University will process your reimbursement through your stipend check.

Actions Required for Reimbursement

Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification which will state your award amount and prompt you to elect which eligible expense(s) you will allocate your award towards. This election of benefits will be managed through an application in TigerHub. Once you complete your election of benefits, you will submit them for review by the program administrator. Once reviewed and approved, reimbursements issued for claims administered through Princeton will automatically flow into your monthly stipend check provided there is a sufficient balance for the plan year. For claims administered by PayFlex, you will be required to file a claim and allow time for processing (see below).

PayFlex Claims Processing

You must incur expenses before you request reimbursement. Expenses are considered to be "incurred" when you have both paid for the service and received the service. Only expenses incurred during the plan year are eligible for reimbursement. The expense must be associated with the plan year in which it was incurred.

1. Download the GCAP claim form and instructions here.
2. Complete the claim form and attach a copy of the payment receipt. Your claim must include (a) dates of service, (b) costs of service, and (c) the name of provider. You must obtain the provider's tax identification or Social Security number to include on form 2441 that you will be required to attach to your federal income tax return. Incomplete claim forms will not be processed.
3. Mail or fax your claim and receipt to PayFlex Systems, USA, at P.O. Box 3039 Omaha, NE 68103-3039 Attn: Special Processing Dept. Fax# 877-406-7220. Cancelled checks are not proof of payment. Cancelled checks are not proof of payment.
4. Once in receipt of your claim, PayFlex will determine whether the expense is eligible for reimbursement based on program rules. A notification to the program coordinator will inform us on approvals. Rejected claims will be sent to your home address.