External Funding

Princeton graduate students often pursue external funding sources to support their education and research efforts.  These external funding sources include external fellowships which provide support to students studying at Princeton, as well as external fellowships for research abroad which provide financial support for students studying abroad. Additional details on external fellowships and Study Abroad Programs are provided on our website.

To identify these external funding opportunities, several internal and external resources are available. Internally, Princeton maintains a user-friendly, web-based system called Pivot to aid faculty, staff, and students in matching research interests to potential external funding sources and in promoting collaborations with colleagues. A variety of opportunities for research support, fellowships, equipment, travel funds, and other related research and educational endeavors from federal, state, and private sponsors can be found in Pivot.

In addition to Pivot, graduate students are encouraged to access public fellowship databases at other universities.  Princeton is not responsible for the content of these external databases.  Below are links to several of these public databases: