Assistantships in Instruction

Assistantships in Instruction (AI) are teaching assignments awarded to graduate students by their department.  Most Ph.D. programs require some teaching during a student’s enrollment period, often in specific years of study.  Ordinarily, first year students in Ph.D. programs are not appointed as AI's.

Each term, the Dean of Faculty provides each department with a budget or allocation of the AI hours that can be assigned to its graduate students.  The AI budget is primarily based on the teaching needs for the undergraduate courses.  AI hours are then assigned to graduate students who teach courses in which they serve as teaching assistants, laboratory assistants, and occasionally as graders.

An AI includes a tuition component and a stipend component which is provided as salary. The stipend for an AI is the same for students across all divisions and is higher than both the University Fellowship and Assistantship in Research stipend rates.  This stipend rate is set by the Graduate School.  Like the stipend, tuition for the AI is apportioned on a pro rata basis, depending on the % AI commitment.  Support from an AI replaces, in full or in part, any funding provided from the University.

If less-than-full AIs are assigned, the tuition and stipend amounts are prorated according to the percent AI assigned. For example, if a 50% AI is assigned, the AI appointment would provide ½ of tuition and ½ of the AI stipend. The balance of a student’s support would then come from other sources