Medical Expense Assistance

The Graduate School is pleased to offer financial assistance for unanticipated and prohibitive medical expenses.

Special funds exist to assist enrolled graduate students with unreimbursed medical expenses that create a financial hardship for them. Assistance takes the form of a grant to reimburse expenses not covered by insurance; therefore, you must first submit insurance claims and determine your out-of-pocket expenses before you can apply for reimbursement through these funds.

To apply for assistance with medical expenses:

  • Schedule an appointment with Michele Gregory at the Student Health Plan Office to review your insurance statements and make sure your bills are correct.
  • Write a letter to Dean Schreyer explaining the nature of your illness, how much you are required to pay, and why these costs present a hardship for you.
  • Attach original receipts for medical costs not covered by the Student Health Plan and photocopies of insurance statements, to document your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • If your receipts span several weeks or treatments, please include an itemized spreadsheet summarizing your costs so we can more easily understand your situation.
  • Submit your letter, receipts and spreadsheet to 110 Clio Hall.

Dean Schreyer will review all requests in strict confidentiality. If you qualify for assistance, you will be notified in writing and receive a reimbursement check.